Sushi is awesome. Extinction is not.™

Jay Bergesen/Flickr

The idea for Tomato Sushi first started to take shape at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, where James Corwell saw two football-field sized warehouses full of tuna sold in one morning. Corwell -- one of only 60 Certified Master Chefs in the world -- saw the incredible volume of tuna that is sold in just one day, and asked the question: “How can the oceans ever keep up?”

The answer is “They can’t.” According to a study published in the journal Nature90% of all large predatory fish (like tuna) are already gone, and the rate of fishing isn't slowing down.

So, when he was given the challenge of making some vegetarian sushi for a client, Corwell started working on something that could make a difference to the world’s oceans: Tomato Sushi.

With a taste that even fish eaters will love, Tomato Sushi gives sushi chefs a great tasting, authentically flavored, vegetarian sushi option that rivals the real stuff.



Overfishing is destroying our oceans, and if we want to keep tuna from going extinct, we have to reduce the number we catch. Tomato Sushi is a sustainable, plant-based alternative to vulnerable tuna, with an authentic look and a great taste.



Made from just six natural ingredients, Tomato Sushi is free of mercury, PCBs, and other toxic chemicals. It's also vegan, safe for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and people with compromised immune systems.



Everyone who tries Tomato Sushi loves it! With a meaty, savory, taste and texture, it is a remarkably rich-tasting, substantial, balanced food product that's very sushi-like when combined with rice.