Go Beyond the Cucumber Roll

The Taste

Yes, Tomato Sushi is made of tomatoes, but the texture and flavor of the tomato are transformed through a special technique we use to handle the tomato. Tomato Sushi was designed to be a delicious alternative to ahi tuna with a savory, meaty taste. It’s still a tomato, but its appearance and texture are almost indistinguishable from raw tuna

The Science

Tomatoes contain high levels of naturally-occurring glutamic acids, which are responsible for the savory flavor of meaty foods. Chef James Corwell's proprietary preparation method combines tomatoes with simple, natural ingredients to enhance the natural savory quality of the tomato, making Tomato Sushi a fish-like experience.

When you first see it, you think that it’s actually ahi tuna – the appearance is there, the color is there. When you actually taste the product, it’s almost like biting into a piece of tuna.
— Gregory Baccari, All Seas Seafood